History of a Hot Dog Place known as Dat Dog


The Dat Dog Story really begins, strangely, in London, England.  It started as The Real American Hot Dog Company which included a wooden box with stainless steel, a camping stove, a pot, cajun seasonings, an umbrella and a table with buns, wieners, tinned chili, onions, ketchup, mustard and a whole day of softball.  That’s how it all started.  It was never in my script of life.   I’m Skip Murray, native New Orleanian  and I am the Hot Dog King of the United Kingdom.  Go figure.

In 2005 Hurricane Katrina brought me back after 27 years in the UK.  It re-introduced me to people I hadn’t seen in forever.  It brought me into contact with Constantine Georges, a Sam Barthe High School football teammate, who took an interest in “maybe”.  That maybe has made us partners along with Laurence Turk, my friend and business partner for the past 17 years in the UK.  Laurence is the odd one out as the UK has no history of quality wieners or hot dogs.  Laurence is now a confirmed hot dog fan.  Life sure is funny.

We opened Dat Dog in the Shed a 475 square foot building that was originally, a shed.  We opened on Freret St.  I grew up in uptown and Freret St. was the past not the future.  How wrong I was.  The shed was perfect.  We loved shed.  Everyone loved the shed.  I had no idea whether anyone here in the place where we live to eat.  We eat good here.  We don’t eat hot dogs much but seems we love wieners and European Sausages along with all things Louisiana such as alligator, crawfish, hot & smoked sausages.

People have asked “what’s good at the Dog”.  Everything.  If it wasn’t good, we wouldn’t do it.  We do it with style, choice and flair.  We do it cause we love what we do.  We love our customers and treat them as friends.  I love our staff as they are the face of the company (mine’s got too many wrinkles).  At the Dog, everything is important.  How we treat our customers is important.   I’d say this has been true since the days of the wooden box with stainless steel on a field in the UK.   That’s been our history.  That’s the history of this “hot dog place known as Dat Dog” New Orleans, Louisiana.  I hope you enjoy Dat Dog as much as I do. – Skip Murray, the hot dog guy.